What’s New This November on CoinStats

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Hey friends,

We’re thrilled to share some new changes we’ve made to CoinStats. These updates are designed to make things easier and more straightforward for you. Here’s a quick look at what’s new!

Portfolio Updates

Choosing Networks Simplified: We’ve moved the network selection right into the Portfolio area. This means you can switch between different blockchain networks with a simple click, without any hassle.

Better Search in Portfolio: Now when you search for something related to your main wallet, CoinStats will show you the main wallet in the results. This makes finding things faster.

“All Networks” as Default: Your default view now shows all networks at once. You won’t miss anything from different networks because it’s all there in one view.

Making Swaps and Sending Crypto Better

Network Selection Gets Smarter: We added little signs that show you the status of your network connection, both in your Portfolio and when you’re choosing a network. This helps you know if you’re good to go.

Action Buttons That Understand You: The buttons you press to make a swap or send crypto now change based on whether you’re connected to a network or not. This makes sure you’re on the right track before you press “go.”

Consistent Network Selection: We’ve added the same network selection button to the Analytics and Receive areas, too. Now, it works the same way no matter where you are on CoinStats.

New Sending Flow: We’ve made sending crypto to someone else smoother. You can now pick addresses using a QR code, which is faster and safer. Plus, you have separate places for coins and NFTs to make choosing easier.

Website Activity Page Redesign

New Look for Your Activity: We’ve changed how the Activity page looks on the web. It’s not just prettier – it’s easier to use, too.

Same Design for All Portfolios: Whether you’ve linked your wallet or added it by hand, the new design works the same for both.

Improved Asset Details: You can now see the value of each coin or token right next to it. This makes understanding your portfolio simpler.

Colors and Columns Are Back: We’ve brought back the columns that show you how much your assets are worth now and how much profit or loss you’ve made. They also have colors: green for good and red for not-so-good.

Notes Look Neater: Any notes you’ve added will now show up neatly under the item they’re about. If a note is too long, it will end with “…” so it doesn’t clutter your screen.

Better Exchange Pair Info: If you’ve traded on an exchange, we now show you the pair and the price in a clear way, like “Binance – ETH/BUSD (1,549.95 BUSD)”.

Popups That Fit: When you click for more details on something, the popup now has more space, making everything easier to read.

We’re always here to make managing your crypto as easy as possible. Try out these new features and let us know on Discord or Twitter how they work for you!

  • Vahe Baghdasaryan

    Vahe Baghdasaryan is a Product and Growth Marketing Manager with more than 4 years of experience working in consumer startups. He headed three core product launches in the world’s largest mobile code learning platform. He is currently in charge of planning and executing lifecycle marketing campaigns at CoinStats, aiming to increase user retention and conversion rate from trial to paid.

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