Bridging the gap: How Web3 is transforming traditional sectors

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The inaugural Newconomics 2023 event is on the horizon and promises a deep dive into the uncharted territory of Web3 technology and the global economic landscape. With a focus on Web3 technology and the global economic landscape, the conference — spearheaded by HUMAN Protocol — in Lisbon is poised to offer a balanced blend of innovation, expert insights, and collaborative discussions.

Newconomics 2023 will feature a diverse lineup of speakers who will each offer their insights into their endeavors to explore the intricate landscape of Web3 and the uncharted territories it presents. The event is set to bring together pioneers and experts in a gathering that will delve into the evolving intersection of technology and economy.

The Egalitarian Potential of Web3

James Kirkham, the founder of cultural marketing agency ICONIC77, will take the stage on Nov. 8 to share his perspectives on Web3 and the future of work. Kirkham believes that Web3 represents a seamless transition between the digital world and the physical one where we already live.

Kirkham’s Keynote, “From Token Gestures to Forever Handshake,” will highlight the increasing acceptance of digital currencies around the globe. The talk will also cover the impact of digital currencies and the rise of token-based transactions, particularly in the gaming industry.

According to Kirkham:

“There is an opportunity to remove the confines and the book ends of a ‘way’ of doing things and replace these with a smarter, fairer world.”

He is excited about the potential of decentralized and egalitarian systems replacing existing societal structures, opening up fresh possibilities across multiple sectors. He believes in the importance of Web3 concepts becoming part of everyday language and culture to extend beyond tech-savvy communities.

Financial Innovations in Web3

Newconomics 2023 is also hosting Yan Ketelers, CMO of Polkastarter, a platform for early-stage web3 project fundraising, for a talk to share his enthusiasm and insights on the transformative power of Web3 technology.

Ketelers will discuss the disruptive potential of web3, highlighting its capacity to decentralize data, finance, and investments. He sees vast opportunities, particularly in finance, art, music, and shared ownership, emphasizing the democratizing aspects of Web3.

According to the Polkastarter CMO:

“The future of fundraising, digital ownership of things like art, music, and shares can work in new ways but also offer opportunities to include supporters.”

While acknowledging challenges like regulation and user experience, Ketelers remains optimistic due to the ongoing innovation and development within the web3 community. He envisions a future where cross-border payments, streamlined tax regulations, and faster, fairer compensation for work are all within reach, creating a more accessible and collaborative work environment.

The Web3 Effect on Marketing

The advent of Web3 technology has significant implications for how brands engage with customers. It promises more personalized, authentic, and direct interactions, transforming the traditional brand-customer relationship.

In the marketing landscape, Web3’s influence is palpable. Token-based reward systems, community-driven marketing campaigns, and decentralized platforms drive innovative marketing strategies. Brands are incentivizing customer engagement through digital tokens, fostering loyalty and participation.

Community-driven marketing campaigns leverage the power of online communities to create and promote products, establishing a more authentic and engaging brand-customer relationship.

Decentralized platforms, often built on blockchain technology, offer new ways for brands to interact with their audience, ensuring transparency and security in their marketing efforts. These strategies represent a shift towards more interactive and inclusive brand experiences driven by the potential of Web3 technology.


Web3 is catalyzing transformative changes across industries, particularly in finance and marketing. In finance, blockchain-based DeFi systems are redefining how we access and manage financial services, offering inclusivity and accessibility. NFTs and digital ownership challenge traditional asset concepts, granting individuals tangible digital assets.

In marketing, web3 promises more personalized, authentic, and direct brand-customer interactions. Token-based rewards, community-driven campaigns, and decentralized platforms are reshaping marketing fostering loyalty, inclusivity, and security.

Events like Newconomics 2023 play a pivotal role in fostering these critical discussions. They serve as platforms for sharing insights, sparking innovation, and cultivating collaborations. These discussions are essential in charting the course for the digital future, driving industries towards more inclusive, innovative, and interconnected landscapes.

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