Bitcoin Crash Ahead: Expert Predicts Testing $20K Before Rebound

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Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market, experienced a price recovery on Friday; however, industry experts anticipate a further test of sub-$30,000 levels in the near term. 

The prolonged downtrend observed over the past fourteen days, coupled with mounting selling pressure, has raised concerns about the sustainability of the recent rebound.

BTC’s Local Bottom Predicted

Chris Burniske, co-founder of a New York-based venture crypto firm, highlights several factors contributing to the anticipated downward movement of Bitcoin. 

Burniske suggests that the consolidation phase may extend longer than expected due to many variables, including crypto-market dynamics, macroeconomic conditions, adoption trends, and new product developments. 

Burniske offers his outlook on Bitcoin, stating that a local bottom could be reached in the $30,000 to $36,000 range. However, he wouldn’t be surprised if the cryptocurrency tests the mid-to-high $20,000 before recovery occurs, leading to a renewed push toward previous all-time highs. 

Burniske cautions that the path to such a recovery will likely be volatile, marked by potential fakeouts, and may span several months.

The market expert advises investors to exercise patience during this period of uncertainty. Burniske suggests that other cryptocurrencies may experience more significant percentage declines if his predictions hold Bitcoin. Burniske further stated:

Before you get mad with, “We’re just getting this cycle started, Chris!!!” Mostly agree, ~called the cycle bottom in Nov 2022 and continue to believe the long-term trend remains robust. Have also seen a lot of crypto volatility over the last decade+…. recently, I’ve specifically been discussing a local top and local low, not a cycle-wide top and low. 

Buy Signal For Bitcoin

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has provided insights into potential price movements for Bitcoin in its latest analysis conducted on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). 

Martinez’s assessment indicates that the TD Sequential indicator recently flashed a buy signal on the daily chart, coinciding with Bitcoin’s current position above the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at approximately the $40,000 level. 

BTC’s buy signal on its TD Sequential Indicator. Source: Ali Martinez on X

According to Martinez, if Bitcoin surpasses the $40,550 resistance level, it may trigger an upswing with a target price of $43,000. This bullish scenario implies a potential price rally for Bitcoin soon. 

However, the analyst also highlights the importance of closely monitoring the 100SMA support level, as a breach of this level could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency’s price trajectory.

Martinez cautions that if the 100SMA support level is breached, it might result in Bitcoin experiencing a downward move toward the $33,300 level. This potential downside scenario indicates a critical support level that, if broken, could lead to increased selling pressure and a bearish sentiment in the market.

BTC’s price recovery over the past 24 hours on the daily chart. Source: BTCUSDT on

At the time of writing, BTC’s price has recovered 3.8% over the past 24 hours, resulting in a current trading price of $41,400.

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