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The zkSync Era mainnet is here, and with it comes a plethora of exciting projects and opportunities in its ecosystem. Much like the cases of Arbitrum and Optimism, participating in these projects could be crucial for users looking to secure airdrops. 

Airdrop farming has gained significant popularity in recent times, as many people are actively seeking out crypto projects with potential airdrops for financial gains. 

In this guide, we will delve into the zkSync Era ecosystem, exploring various projects, swapping options, liquidity providing, and NFT initiatives, as well as some of the major projects expected to launch on the platform soon.

What Is zkSync?

zkSync is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, built on zk-rollup technology. It aims to address the issues of high gas fees and network congestion by providing a more scalable, secure, and user-friendly environment for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets. 

zkSync offers low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and high throughput, making it a viable solution for developers and users alike. We’ve added zkSync tracking functionality on CoinStats so you don’t miss out on any of the zkSync hype. 

How to Get zkSync Airdrop?

1. Bridge Assets

One of the most important aspects of Layer-2 solution functionality is its ability to transfer funds from its Layer-1 base. This is done by bridging — a concept that involves having two contracts (one deployed to Layer-1, and the second deployed to Layer-2) communicating with each other.

Users can bridge their assets to the zkSync Era using Layerswap. With just a few clicks, you can move your assets from popular CEXs like Binance, OKX, and Crypto.com to some of the most exciting L2 protocols like StarkNet, zkSync Era, Arbitrum One, and Polygon zkEVM.

Go to Layerswap.io and connect the wallet of your choice.

Once you have successfully connected your wallet, then choose the network you want to bridge from and select the cryptocurrency you want to bridge. Enter the amount you want to bridge, and complete the transaction.

2. Interact With Projects on the Network

Several platforms have emerged to facilitate the swapping of assets within the zkSync Era ecosystem:


Mute is an L2 Dex that includes features such as limit orders, bonds, amplifiers, and more. Currently, you can use the platform to swap for supported assets and provide liquidity. Mute has seen impressive growth, with over $2 million in total value locked (TVL), $8 million in volume, and 82,000+ transactions within the first 24 hours of being live on zkSync Era.


Syncswap is one of the first DEX platforms to launch on zkSync Era. At present, users can swap for supported assets on the platform or provide liquidity. The team has recently confirmed a token, which suggests a potential airdrop opportunity. SyncSwap Airdrop is coming soon, so stay tuned for more information.

Several projects within the zkSync Era ecosystem allow users to provide liquidity:

Space Fi

Space Fi is a cross-chain platform that connects Cosmos and Ethereum L2 networks. The project recently launched on zkSync Era with a couple of Crew 3 quests, offering potential incentives. SpaceSwap is now live as a trial run at http://swap-zksync.spacefi.io, with the Farm+NFT+SpaceBase+SpaceBridge set to launch early next week. Users can join the Genesis Pool Campaign by adding ETH/USDC liquidity for potential incentives.

The zkSync Era ecosystem is also home to several NFT projects, offering unique opportunities for users to explore:

Mint Square

Mint Square is an NFT marketplace built specifically for zk-rollups and is already live on zkSync Era. The trending collections right now are zk Apes and zkSync name service. As the ecosystem grows, more interesting NFT collections are expected to emerge, making it worth keeping an eye on.

Zk Animals

Zk Animals is an upcoming NFT free mint that will go live on zkSync Era. Currently, users can complete a few Crew 3 quests to get a whitelist chance at their mint. Exercise caution when interacting with any contracts, especially with free mints, by using a burner wallet.

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The zkSync Era Ecosystem

The zkSync Era ecosystem is growing rapidly, with a wide range of projects taking advantage of its benefits in scalability, security, and usability. Let’s explore the various aspects of this ecosystem and the projects making waves within it.

– Scalability

zkSync’s Layer-2 solution offers significant improvements in scalability, with its zk-rollup technology allowing for thousands of transactions per second (TPS) and drastically reduced gas fees. This enables the creation of a more robust ecosystem, capable of supporting a wide range of applications and use cases without compromising performance.

– Security

The zkSync protocol is designed with security in mind, as it inherits the security guarantees of Ethereum’s Layer-1. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs and other advanced cryptographic techniques, zkSync ensures that all transactions are secure, transparent, and tamper-proof.

zk-rollups, the technology behind zkSync, is the only technology that utilizes 100% of the security of it’s underlying Layer-1 blockchain.

– Usability

zkSync aims to deliver an exceptional user experience by offering fast and affordable transactions. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with popular wallets make it easy for users to interact with projects and applications within the zkSync Era ecosystem.

– Ecosystem

The zkSync Era ecosystem encompasses a variety of projects, each contributing to the overall growth and adoption of this Layer-2 solution. These projects span various categories, including bridging, swapping, providing liquidity, and NFTs.

Upcoming Projects

Several new projects are set to launch on zkSync Era, further expanding the ecosystem:


ZKEX is a multichain order book DEX that aims to offer the seamless experience of a centralized exchange in DeFi. To participate, users can complete live Crew 3 quests right now. The first-ever ZKEX day trading competition is only open to those with the ‘ZK-Frens’ role on Discord. To join, start doing quests now.


Tevaera is building the web3 gaming ecosystem on zkSync. They are nearing mainnet launch and will be launching their first multiplayer game, Tera Run, on zkSync soon. Tevaera’s gaming ecosystem is unique and natively built on zkSync Era to “unlock the next ERA of on-chain games,” with two core offerings to enable mass adoption of web3 gaming: Gaming Infra (Teva Core, Chain, Dex, Market) and “Fun & Fair” Games (Teva Games).

Phezzan Protocol

Phezzan is a Perps DEX that seeks to offer strong liquidity for retail. Little is known about the project so far. They currently have a closed Discord where users need to answer a few questions to get a special role. The Discord will open up soon after zkSync Era.


The zkSync Era ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with numerous projects exploring the benefits of zk-rollup technology for scalability, security, and usability. Participating in these projects could be crucial for users looking to secure airdrops and capitalize on the growth of this Layer-2 solution. 

Stay informed about new projects and opportunities by following updates and developments within the ecosystem. As the zkSync Era continues to evolve, it is expected to attract even more projects and users, solidifying its position as a key player in the decentralized finance and crypto space. 

Always remember to exercise caution and do your own research when participating in any new projects, as the crypto landscape can be volatile and unpredictable. By staying informed and engaged with the zkSync Era ecosystem, you can potentially reap the rewards of airdrops and other opportunities as they arise. Happy farming!

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