Tokensoft partners with Chainwire to enhance crypto PR outreach

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Tokensoft, a notable digital asset and compliance platform, has recently announced its partnership with Chainwire, a leading blockchain PR distribution service.

This collaboration aims to bolster Tokensoft’s presence in the crypto world by leveraging Chainwire’s state-of-the-art PR platform. The partnership is a strategic move to enhance Tokensoft’s communication and outreach to crypto communities globally.

Tokensoft collaborates with leading crypto ecosystems such as Avalanche, The Graph, Connext Network, and Arbitrum. Tokensoft’s operations necessitate robust engagement with blockchain users across major global territories and targeted communication within specific blockchain communities.

Through its alliance with Chainwire, Tokensoft is set to elevate its messaging impact and optimize client campaign outcomes. Chainwire’s platform ensures widespread exposure on top crypto outlets, facilitating clients to upload press releases and track their performance through a dedicated dashboard. The platform’s built-in analytics provide insights into campaign performance, covering various territories and publications.

This partnership is pivotal for Tokensoft’s upcoming token distributions and fundraising events, guaranteeing coverage and support for complex global campaigns like token claims and user verification programs. Hundreds of crypto entities, from exchanges to protocol developers, already rely on Chainwire for their PR and news distribution needs.

Nadav Dakner, CEO of Chainwire, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, acknowledging Tokensoft’s esteemed position in the blockchain domain. He said:

“Tokensoft’s reputation precedes it, having worked with the leading blockchain foundations and protocols to successfully deliver token issuance and fundraising campaigns. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen Chainwire to be their PR partner. Together, we look forward to helping the Tokensoft ecosystem get more awareness and reach more audiences and relevant communities.”

Noah Walker, Chief Business Officer of Tokensoft, emphasized the platform’s commitment to leveraging top-tier technology and support:

“Tokensoft is committed to providing the best technology and support to our ecosystem. We’ve chosen Chainwire because of its significant and broad access to publications around the world – with a full guarantee of publication. We’re excited to see the impact for our clients.”

For more information on Chainwire, see here.

Disclaimer: CryptoSlate is a syndication and business partner of Chainwire.

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