StarkNet Token Airdrop Guide 2023

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Airdrop farming has become increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts as a way to earn sizeable amounts of money with minimal effort. Some notable examples of successful airdrops include Optimism and Arbitrum, while upcoming airdrops like zkSync Era and SUI are already generating excitement. Now, it’s time for StarkNet’s $STRK airdrop, and with just a few simple steps, you could potentially change your life in just 10 minutes. In this article, we will guide you through the process of participating in the StarkNet airdrop and maximizing your earnings in the exciting world of crypto.

What Is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a Validity Rollup Layer 2 solution that provides high throughput, low gas costs and retains Ethereum Layer 1 levels of security. It is designed to scale Ethereum by replacing heavy L1 computation with lighter and more cost-effective L1 verification using STARK proofs computed off-chain. This approach can be compared to a sudoku puzzle, where verifying a solution is much easier and faster than solving it from scratch.

StarkNet operates as a permissionless Layer 2 network over Ethereum and uses the most scalable and secure cryptographic-proof system – STARK. It leverages the Cairo language, a Turing-complete programming language designed specifically for STARK proofs, to write its contracts.

How to Get StarkNet Airdrop: Mainnet Strategy

1. Create a StarkNet Wallet

Download either Argent or Braavos to create your wallet.

2. Track Your StarkNet Wallets

Connect your Argent or Braavos wallets in a few clicks to track your assets using the CoinStats Portfolio Tracker.

3. Bridge Assets

Go to and connect the wallet of your choice.

– Bridge From Other Networks To StarkNet

Once you have successfully connected your wallet, then choose the network you want to bridge from and select the cryptocurrency you want to bridge to the StarkNet ecosystem. Then select “StarkNet Network”, enter the amount you want to bridge and complete the transaction. Make sure you have enough to pay for the transaction fees.

4. Swap and Add Liquidity on Various Platforms

  • Connect your wallet and swap any tokens or add liquidity on mySwapxyz
  • Connect your wallet and swap any tokens or add liquidity on 10KSwap
  • Connect your wallet and swap any tokens or add liquidity on JediSwap

5. Deposit and Borrow Tokens:

Connect your wallet and deposit liquidity on any pool at Nostra Finance.

6. Mint, Buy, and Sell NFTs

Connect your wallet, select StarkNet mainnet, and mint, buy, or sell NFTs at MintSquare NFT.

7. Mint Domain Names on StarkNet

Connect your wallet, choose your name, and select the registration period at Starknet ID.

Tips and Reminders

Stay active on the network and don’t feel like you have to make all your transactions in one day.

To always get airdrop updates, check out the StarkNet airdrop thread.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to participating in the StarkNet airdrop and maximizing your crypto earnings. Additionally, our crypto portfolio tracking tool will soon allow users to track their StarkNet coins, ensuring that you can keep track of all your investments in one place.


The StarkNet airdrop presents a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to expand their portfolios and potentially earn significant rewards. As the popularity of airdrop farming continues to grow, staying informed and engaged in the crypto community will prove invaluable for maximizing your earnings.

With the CoinStats crypto portfolio tracking tool support for tracking StarkNet wallet, you have a reliable and convenient way to manage all your investments in one place. By participating in the StarkNet airdrop and leveraging our platform, you can stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and capitalize on exciting new opportunities as they emerge.

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