Record $1 Billion In Shorts Risk Liquidation If Bitcoin Hits This Price

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The Bitcoin price is creeping up once again, rising to a new all-time high above $71,000 in the early hours of Monday. As the price surge continues, it has put a record number of shorts at risk, where a less than 10% move upward from here will see $1 billion in shorts liquidated.

$1 Billion In Shorts At Risk Of Liquidation

Crypto trader and analyst Ash Crypto took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a map that showed the number of short positions at risk as the price of Bitcoin rises. The map shared in the post showed that short liquidation leverage had risen above $1 billion.

These short leverage positions had been rising along with the price with a large number of crypto investors expecting the price to crash after pumping to a new all-time high. However, Bitcoin seems to have other plans in mind with its price surging close to $72,000 and increasing the risk of liquidations for these positions.

For these positions, Bitcoin reaching $75,000 would be detrimental to them. At this price level, over $1 billion worth of short positions will be liquidated. “$1,000,000,000 WORTH OF SHORTS WILL GET LIQUIDATED IF BTC HITS $75,000,” Ash Crypto revealed.

Will Bitcoin Stop Anytime Soon?

The Bitcoin price has seen a 10.33% increase in the last week and shows no signs of stopping soon. However, the debate of whether it continues upward or downward continues to wax strong as crypto analysts far and wide proffer their own predictions.

One crypto analyst know as MarcPMarkets suggests that the price of Bitcoin could hit resistance and then spiral back down if Bitcoin fails to properly clear the $70,000. But the analyst also explains that there is a possibility that the positive price action does continue if price does push above $71,500 and makes a close above it.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading above $71,700, which shows it has cleared the level highlighted in the analyst. Now, what remains is to see if the cryptocurrency is able to make a daily close above $71,500, something that would be incredibly bullish for price. In this case, the BTC price could rise as high as $80,000 following this breakout.

The Bitcoin move over $71,000 has already had a significant impact on traders in the last day. Over $333 million has been lost by traders in one day. But interestingly, the majority of liquidations (64.29%) happen to be long positions, according to data from Coinglass.

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