Fame Project, The First NFT Collection Designed To Make Its Holders Famous

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Fame founders, Natasha and Michael Graziano, along with Rajiv Sankarlall teamed to create the world’s first crypto gamified PR Agency, offering NFT token holders a shot at fame in the NFT world and in real life

Three superstars have partnered as co-founders of the Fame Project, the hot new NFT that is set to add fame to the fun of investing in their new collection. Natasha and Michael Graziano and Rajiv Sankarlall are a strong trio as co-founders, sure to “bring it” for token holders of FameCat NFTs. 

How can fame be the by-product of investing in an NFT? Apart from the founders having a personal claim to fame, Michael Graziano’s company, Mindful Media PR, will be woven into the FameCat package. For people looking for more press coverage, social media followers, and a community of mindful entrepreneurs, Fame is the NFT to add to your collection.  

Imagine rubbing shoulders with famous FameCat token holders. Natasha Graziano is the nation’s number one mindset coach, ranked the number one female motivational speaker under 40 in the world by Forbes Magazine, and recognized as the top female mindset coach by Business Insider. 

Michael Graziano is well-respected as the founder of Mindful Media PR and for founding Global Degree, the organisation he launched while traveling to all 192 UN nations, making him the youngest Canadian to accomplish this mission.  

Rajiv Sankarlall is a strategist, advisor, NFT Crypto & DeFi Development Consultant, and a brand and marketing consultant who brings these strengths to the FameCat Project. He and the Graziano’s recently spoke at the MiamiNFTWeek conference. 

“I have been in the crypto space since 2011,” says Sankarlall. “Bitcoin captured my attention early on, and I began watching the crypto market, following its trends and cycles. I am confident that blockchain and NFTs are the way of the future, where we are all going to want to acquire assets.”

When questioned about the life and work experiences in his history, Sankarlall shares, “I spent ten years working with Tony Robbins and traveling the world doing philanthropic work with the United Nations. In 2021, I founded RektFi Studios and Multimint.Art, enjoying the work that has brought me more into the NFT space. It is fun and exciting and changing so fast!”  

In an attempt to learn more about the Fame Project, when asked about it, Sankarlall points to Fame. Through this original NFT collection, tokenholders will have a chance to become famous in the NFT world and in reality. FameCats, originally intended to be a derivative project inspired by the cool cat and gutter cat collections that ended up taking on a life of its own, are artistic images that look like you, “symbolizing the power of sharing your message with the world.”

“The FAME Project makes us the world’s first crypto gamified PR Agency,” says Sankarlall. “Token holders will have the opportunity to increase their fame through publications on some of the leading crypto magazine platforms.” You won’t want to miss the celebrities they will be hosting or the chance to chat with them via Discord.

Sankarlall is proud of Certik Audit, which he helped to develop as part of MultiMint – it’s the world’s first NFT utility contract to be audited. He made it his mission to create a platform that would be safe, credible, and auditable, which offers far more assurance to investors. Fame founders are honored that Fame is the first project on the platform, as they want nothing but the very best for the project and their investors. 

There will be 10,000 AI generated hand-drawn cats, all part of Fame’s mission “to cultivate a truly unique experience and add real value to the NFT space by growing a strong and rich community.”

To learn more about the Project and this golden opportunity to become a cool and famous FameCat, visit Fame.

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